Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Proof I'm not Paranoid (sometimes all the school girls really are out to get you)

This lovely requested an internship with my husband today—photo courtesy of Facebook. And if you're thinking it's her doppelganger ... oh no ... she's pretty proud that her photography class likes her latest pinup style self-portrait. (That's right. Her latest.)

For those of you who are not regulars, the backstory is here.


I've looked forward to food section Wednesdays since my first subscription to the New York Times, back when it was paper and came in a blue bag with my apartment number scrawled in Sharpie. I lived in Chicago, in a studio on Belden Avenue, katty corner from Tower Records and some deli with pickles on the table. I had an upstairs neighbor who enjoyed making obscene noises very, very late. In sweet retribution I would set my CD alarm clock, at full volume on Saturdays and Sundays, for 6:42 in the morning. Moments after I walked out the door to serve the omelette of the day to entitled Lincoln Park yuppies, my alarm treated my wonton neighbor and her naked friends to Philip Glass' Einstein on the Beach

I still love food section Wednesdays (and science Tuesdays, and home and garden Thursdays) and the idea of a dedicated day to share food and drink ideas. Here are some of my favorites from this week:
The dangers of giving people what they want here.
Good head here. (Mark and I enjoyed this a few weeks ago and it was very complex.)
Sustainable fish in Safeway and Target here. (My bus buddy Margaret will be the first to tell you that Alaska makes you a salmon snob. She's right.)
Crazy avocados here.
Dedication I have yet to experience here.
Bliss here.


  1. Now perhaps that is just a demonstration of her ability to get down in a position where she could shoot photos of mushrooms growing on the floor of the forest...she could punch holes in the ground to plant seeds with those honkin' shoes butt she better cover her butoxal area 'cause she might get a few bug bites...I'm guessing (not to sterotype) that she can't spell camera?

  2. You are spot on. This outfit and the tundra wouldn't mix. But she does do a good job of communicating ambition.

  3. Those shoes are just WRONG with that retroish suit. Porn shoes and "I forgot to do my hair" do not a pin-up girl make. And is she standing on a scale? Maybe she's going for a WW ad. Either way does she know that Mark's wife can wear boots that have a 22" shaft with 11.5" of leg to spare???