Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blushing. Thanks Google.

Flattered and excited and giddy to find this today. Mark was in the shower. I ran upstairs, burst into the bathroom and squealed, I'm famous! I don't know how Ten Speed Press found me, but I found that they found me because of Google Analytics.

I use Google Analytics to track our web stats at work and I use it for the blog. Mark uses it, too. It's free, easy, addicting, and super useful. For instance: I can tell that my blog has recently been read twice from a computer or computers in Brooklyn. I know only two people who either live or work in Brooklyn: my friend Amberleigh, server extraordinaire at Gramercy Tavern and ... dramatic pause ... James Peterson. Which one of them is reading is anyone's guess. Could be both. Could be neither (folks in Poland read too, but I don't know anyone there).

Obviously, Google Analytics is an integrated part of my life.

I also love Google blog search. To use it go to the google page, wait a moment for the periphery to appear, and at the top of the page click more. Then choose blogs on the drop down. Type any whim or obsession into the search box and explore. Blog searches are great because as useful as Wikipedia is, it's not always the answer. Today I did a blog search for macarons and found all sorts of good stuff—much of it added to the blog roll.

Some highlights:
  • The most incredible Bouche de Noel here.
  • Lauderée* chocolate macarons covered in gold leaf and nestled in a Marni box here.
  • Photo heavy post devoted to baking macarons here.
*Not to be too braggy, but if you can't brag on your blog where can you brag, Mark and I shared omelets, salad, and a bottle of rosé at Lauderée in Paris. We sat next to a little old lady who brought her dog with her. The dog curled up under the table and napped while she ate. It's one of my favorite all-time memories of France and the seed for my fantasy of getting Dasha under a table at Lauderée. We might need a four-top because my bitch is large, but she'd love it.

P.S. Macaron day is tomorrow.

P.P.S. Sliced-tauntaun-to-keep-you-warm cupcakes are on!

Update: I know THREE people who live or work in Brooklyn. One is a driving force behind the Reanimation Library. He reads my blog. It's now 27% less likely that my new boyfriend James Peterson is reading.

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