Monday, January 4, 2010

I don't recycle. Not even at work where it's easy.

OK, I recycle a little bit at work because it's so easy but when that blue bin in my office is full it takes me days to empty it. And during those days ... I don't recycle.

I do reuse: empty pickle jars are my Tupperware, plastic grocery bags my trash bags, old sheets my new cleaning rags.

And wait, there's more.

I get produce from a CSA and I buy duck eggs from the CADD manager at work. The ducks in his backyard have names like Elvis and Eunice and get parrot food and have their own castle and a heated tub in the winter. I shit you not.

I made an attempt at buying local raw goat milk, but when I toured the farm in Wasilla (yes ... that Wasilla) the woman goat farmer kept telling me that her bottling process was sterile because she washes the jars herself and seals them using a plastic Glad baggie for a washer. I think I could have come around on her methods, but it gave me the creeps how she kept insisting everything was sterile. I was standing in front of her, in her kitchen where she bottles the milk. Cats on the counter and farm muck smeared all over the floor is not sterile in my book.

Distill it down and it's local and repurposed and hand made that rule my roost.

Enter Lots of cool handmade stuff. And lots of lame handmade stuff. But mostly cool handmade stuff. You can even search by region and buy from your hood to reduce your carbon footprint. Mondays are my new pick a fave at etsy days (but only if I stick with it).

This week:

I'm a sucker for letterpress and a sucker for wheat sheaths.
Perfect for a coffee klatch.

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