Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If there was a secret brotherhood of macaron bakers, would they call themselves the Macaroni?

It's midweek and uncomfortable memories of weekend macarons linger. My defeat smarts.

The remedy for rehabilitation and satisfaction is simple: Stick to one chapter of JP's Bakingat a time. Start at the beginning and work to the end.

After careful consideration I'm starting with the last chapter, Custards, Soufflés, Fruit Curds, and Mousses because:
  • It's the shortest.
  • I've always wanted to make lemon curd.
  • I have a salamander that I want to use successfully on a few crèmes brûlées so I can get Mark off my back. (The salamander is tied with the butter curler for most loved but least used kitchen object. I've had them both for about 10 years, have never used either one, and refuse to drop them at Goodwill.)
I'll start CSFC&M this weekend with Coffee Pots de Crème.


The photo above is of macaron refuse yolks. The dog was happy to get a few in her kibble.

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